Drag tube Conveyor

  • Zero Dust Emission The Drag Tube Conveyor’s totally enclosed, dust-tight design makes it an obvious candidate for handling and containing dusty, smelly, toxic, or even hazardous materials.
  • Eliminates Multiple Conveyors. What has traditionally required two or three conveyors can often be accomplished with just one Drag Tube Conveyor. The ability to convey through bended pipe makes it possible to route conveyors through layouts requiring changes of direction.
  • Start/Stop Under Load. This conveyor is a high-torque/low-speed device. Not only does this mean it is very energy efficient, using less energy than other conveyor types but it allows them to stop and re-start while fully loaded.
  • Gentle Handling. Product captured between flights is moved exposing it to very little turbulence during its transfer. Only a small percentage is ever in contact with the pipe wall minimizing the potential for abrasive degradation.
  • Long Life. Get longer life from chain than steel cable. Work day-in, day-out with minimal chain wear hence increasing productivity.

Our Drag Tube Conveyors come with multiple options. Some of the options available includes

  • Self-Cleaning Discharge Gate
  • Brush Box
  • Auto Tensioner
  • Flight and Chain Configurations


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